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Sleep Science Academy announces a collaboration with VivaRays to help individuals achieve more consistently restful sleep.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023 10:52 AM | GlobeNewswire via QuoteMedia

Sleep Science Academy announces a collaboration with VivaRays to help individuals achieve more consistently restful sleep.

Deerfield Beach, FL, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the common goal of helping the millions of people who suffer from poor sleep, Sleep Science Academy and VivaRays are excited to team up for the most comprehensive approach to conquering sleeplessness to date.

Devin Burke , founder of Sleep Science Academy , and Roudy Nassif, founder of VivaRays, are passionate about assisting others in achieving adequate rest. Their dedication to this goal arises from their personal experiences with sleeplessness and its disastrous effects on their lives.

Sleep Science Academy
The Sleep Science Academy multi-discipline sleep coaching model goes far beyond merely helping people improve their sleep hygiene or traditional CBT-I programs.  Devin Burke explains it like this, "What makes our programs so effective and unique is rather than giving clients a cookie-cutter one-dimensional program, we offer a holistic science-based step-by-step proven process that addresses both the mind and the body and guarantees results. Our program is a proven success backed by science; likewise, VivaRays' light-based therapy and products".

Sleep Science Academy clients receive support from their personal sleep coach as they gain the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to achieve a lifetime of peaceful, restorative rest.

This robust and empowering approach takes its inspiration from evidence-based research such as:

  • Mindfulness
  • NLP and Neuro-Semantic Techniques
  • Cognitive Defusion Techniques
  • CBT-I Techniques
  • Acceptance therapy techniques
  • Positive Psychology Strategies
  • Sleep Physiology Strategies
  • Chronotherapy Techniques
  • Sleep Hygiene Strategies

Burke continues, saying, "It takes a holistic multi-dimensional approach that addresses the root causes of insomnia to get lasting results which is why all of our trained sleep coaches are also certified holistic health coaches that have a deep understanding of all aspects of wellness."

"We are thrilled to partner with VivaRays and to incorporate VivaRays light technology and education into our comprehensive approach to eliminating insomnia naturally," says Burke, adding, "We have already seen a positive response from Sleep Science Academy clients and community and look forward to further collaboration in the future."

About VivaRays
Sunlight is essential for life, as is sleep. Few people understand the correlation between sunlight and sleep, like VivaRays ' Roudy Nassif.
Sunlight significantly impacts our health and well-being, stimulating various crucial body systems and elements. Also, anxiety is a frequent cause of people struggling to sleep, and lack of sunlight can foster anxiety.

Sunlight affects our circadian rhythm as well. Since most people today live and work indoors, exposure to the sun's helpful rays is minimal. Rowdy Nassif is intent on providing science-based solutions to reverse this troubling reality in today's modern culture.
While people are generally aware of the problems with blue light emanating from electronic devices, the effects of light on our health, specifically sleep, are less familiar.

The progression of natural sunlight from morning to night has an essential effect on our sleep. Along with blue light-blocking glasses , VivaRays offers various lenses to mimic sunlight throughout the day to aid the vast number of individuals who seldom get sufficient sunlight.

A Holistic Comprehensive Approach
This collaboration between Sleep Science Academy and VivaRays is an unprecedented marriage of two complementary disciplines for the most comprehensive and robust plan ever for eliminating insomnia and poor sleep.

Coupling the personal growth and mindfulness method of Sleep Science Academy's program with the science of light and VivaRays' specific lens technology offers clients this essential toolkit for gaining more restorative sleep for the first time.

Additional Information
Using Light to Improve Your Sleep and Health | Devin Burke Interviews Roudy Nassif -


Devin Burke 
Sleep Science Academy

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