Mission Statement

We’re an entrepreneurial team that distills information for smart people seeking prosperity and perspective.

What We Do

We provide patented technology to some of the biggest names on Wall Street and create world-class investing tools for the self-directed investor on Main Street.

How We Do It

Our business stands firmly on three pillars.


We’re not trying to find the best ways to sell content to investors; we’re continuously, relentlessly listening to investors so we can build exactly what they want in the first place.


The market research guides our experienced, expert financial analysts to design tools we know are in demand by actual investors. They painstakingly set about to procure research, relevant content and create algorithms that distills unbiased information for maximum benefit to investors.


Then detailed specifications are handed over to the software development team and they do – well, we’re not sure what they do - we think it’s magic. It’s pretty easy to keep technology on the cutting edge when you have a tech team that lives life on the bleeding edge.

The Evolution

InvestorsObserver began during the dot com boom in 1999 as a simple newsletter.  We developed an algorithm to identify the optimal covered call trade each day and then emailed the “tips” to people who were interested – friends and family mostly.  They in turn passed it along to others and lo-and-behold, our first mailing list.

And so began the two-decades-long dialogue with Main Street investors.  As interest in the options market began to grow and options trading volume along with it, we began developing and patenting technology to satisfy the need for reliable options technology for self-directed investors.

Before long we were partnering with the biggest names on Wall Street and became known as the “options guys” on the street.  To this day we still create options technology for Wall Street, but we remain true to our roots; to build great investing tools for Main Street investors.

Thanks to our never-ending dialogue with investors, we’ve evolved to be much more than The Options Guys as we now have full-service tools and ultra-modern technology encompassing a spectrum of equities investing.

The Future

We’re just going to keep on keepin’ our ear to the proverbial pavement and let our tens of thousands of subscribers lay out the path into the future and continue to distill information for smart people seeking prosperity and perspective.