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Stock Analysis

Make More Informed Decisions

  • See how your stock ranks across 7 proprietary scores
  • Stock ranking in sector and industry
  • 12 month forecast chart
  • Up-to-the-minute stock news
  • Interactive stock chart
  • Buy, sell, and hold rankings
Portfolio Tracker

Track And Analyze Your Trades

  • Securely link your brokerage account
  • Track all your investment accounts in one place
  • See the health of your stock holdings across 7 scores
  • See the news on your holdings as it happens
  • Get daily snapshots of your portfolio and see what's moving
Crypto Analysis

Crypto Analysis

  • See how any cryptocurrency ranks across 5 proprietary scores
  • Find trending cryptos by price change, volume, score and more
  • Check short or long-term past performance with interactive charts
  • Find coins and tokens that suit your investment goals
  • Compare cryptos with unique value propositions and ecosystems
Market News

Never Miss a Beat

  • Up-to-the-minute market news
  • Sector and industry news
  • Insider activity
  • Analysts actions
  • InvestorsObserver featured news and newsletters
Stock Screener

Find Stocks to Buy

  • Screen across dozens of financial data points
  • Screen across proprietary scores and rankings
  • Create and save search filters
  • Sort through both fundamental and technical analysis
  • Easily add trades to your portfolio
Options Trades

Find the Perfect Options Trade

  • Follow along with analyst-guided portfolios
  • Screen for trades across seven different options strategies
  • Set your personalized trades each day
  • Access all options related news
  • Track and manage all options trades