Diagonal Spreads Portfolio

Analyst guided portfolio with very low capital requirements.  43.14% annualized returns for 2017 with a 92.86% win rate.

Diagonal Spreads at a Glance

  • Low capital requirements - you don't have to own stock
  • 20% - 30% targeted annualized returns
  • Up to six new trades each month
  • 8-10 open trades at a time

Step-by-step Guidance

  • Complete guidance from opening to exit
  • Email SMS and Push notifications on managing each trade
  • Managed by professional options analysts
  • Review analyst notes on  every trade

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Diagonal Spreads Strategy

This is a simulated covered call that uses a long-dated in-the-money call option to substitute the long stock position. It simulates a covered calls by selling a short-term call while simultaneously buying a long-term call at a lower strike price. This allows for a greater rate of return, and the trade remains profitable if the stock rises, goes sideways or even dips a bit. 

Diagonal Spread Ideal Result

Ideally, the diagonal spread trade closes the position for a full profit before the sold call expires.  The objective is for the sold calls to be in-the-money during the week before expiration where we exit the position for a larger profit than targeted. To exit, one buys back sold calls and sell long-term call for a net credit. The credit will generally be larger than the difference between the strike prices of our options.

Diagonal Spreads Performance 

In 2017 The Diagonal Spreads Portfolio has an annualized return of 43.14%. 26 out of 28 trades were winners for a 92.86% win rate.

To see the trade history of the Diagonal Spreads Portfolio, feel free to visit the Closed Trade page.

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