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Technology Company That Changes The Way The World Gets Electricity To Be On Display For The First Time At PowerGen In Florida February 21st Through The 23rd

Monday, February 20, 2023 02:22 PM | PR Newswire via QuoteMedia

Technology Company That Changes The Way The World Gets Electricity To Be On Display For The First Time At PowerGen In Florida February 21st Through The 23rd
Technology Company That Changes The Way The World Gets Electricity To Be On Display For The First Time At PowerGen In Florida February 21st Through The 23rd

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Possibilities First Discussed In 2019 Wall Street Journal Article

CHEYENNE, Wyo. and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. , Feb. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- It's technology that is changing the world. Photonics is the science of light waves, that delves into the generation and manipulation of light. A group of six former aerospace and energy product development team, headed by Chairman and retired Allied Signal Aerospace president William Hinz , and noted research engineer Dennis M. Danzik , has commercialized a photon and magnetic based technology, originally pioneered by Danzik in mid-2009.  Since 2015, the highly focused team, invested over $50 million dollars to quietly develop a unique energy system that uses highly efficient photon collection (similar to solar energy), that is first stored in a permanent magnet assisted flywheel system called a Photon Engine. The electrical energy is then conditioned and stored in a series of iron-air batteries. The use of permanent magnets to mechanically assist flywheels was long thought to be impossible. The technology is patent pending, and involves an estimated 140 U.S. and foreign patents. And now it will be on display for anyone to see starting February 21 st at PowerGen 2023 in Orlando, Florida .

Quantum Energy has been developing what was nicknamed the "Earth Engine" using uniquely manufactured permanent magnets to accelerate and spin flywheels (large metal discs). The magnets, originally developed by Danzik, generate an uneven or imbalanced magnetic field in which the pull of one pole is greater than the other. When a small control voltage is applied to the system, and controlled by a computer processor, the flywheel spins consuming a very small amount of energy while storing potential energy with sufficient force to generate electricity. Now officially named a Photon Engine, the machine uses photons collected indoors, to generate its control voltage and significantly reduces friction with a 100% magnetic field drive system. No gears, drive belts, chains, or hydraulics are used in the operation of running a Photon Engine. It is all done with highly efficient photon conversion, magnetic attraction, repulsion and a computerized control system that took nearly 14 years to develop. The photonic based energy system and permanent magnets themselves are made with rare earth elements.

The Photon Engine holds the promise of changing the way the world is powered. Early stages of this technology were featured in the Wall Street Journal. Here is a link to that article which ran in 2019. Since that article was published, the Photon Power System has undergone numerous improvements and will soon be available for industrial, commercial and residential use later this year.

This technology was originally developed at Danzik Applied Sciences in Cody, Wyoming and perfected at Quantum Energy's National Laboratory located in Scottsdale, Arizona . This development was made possible thanks to more than $35 million from private investors, and a $15 million dollar municipal bond offering approved by the State of Wyoming .

While very few outside the Scottsdale laboratory have been able to witness how this technology works, that's about to change when the Photon Power System, including the Photon Engine is unveiled for all the world to see at PowerGen2023 which runs from February 21 st to the 23 rd at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida .

In addition to cutting edge power generating technology, Quantum is also working on specialized lighting that essentially recycles energy by using photons generated by interior and exterior lights to produce the control energy for the system. The very same lighting units, drastically reduce energy use. Contemporaneously, Quantum is set to produce battery storage technology using iron/air battery technology, which would be used in tandem with its energy systems. No lithium is used in  Quantum battery storage systems.

Quantum's groundbreaking technologies are manufactured in the United States using recyclable material. The power generating process emits no greenhouse gases making this an attractive clean tech technology.

Now that the system is readied for industrial, commercial and residential use, Quantum has filed patents in the U.S. and is filing hundreds of additional patents on the energy system in the United States and foreign countries. The only exception is the content of its specially designed magnets and photonic conversion systems, which will remain corporate trade secrets for the foreseeable future.

Quantum Chairman William Hinz said, "This is real world technology designed to deliver 100% distributed, consumer owned, and professionally maintained electrical energy. Incalculable hours and tens of millions of dollars have been spent to develop and commercialize this energy system. Now that we have reached this milestone, we are ready to take on any skeptics and let them see for themselves the next leap forward in power generation."

Quantum's Director of Engineering and Science Division, Dennis M. Danzik said, "As the world demands more and more energy, this may be the most efficient and clean way to deliver it. We will move from solar energy, which works only outdoors to photon energy, that works nearly everywhere there is visible light, natural or produced. It could forever change how and where we get our electricity. Transmitting our energy via alternating current over dozens and sometimes hundreds of miles via aging powerlines is not a plan for the future. Nearly everything we run in our lives, from our computers, to LED lights, to hair dryers are actually run on direct current. Our current system loses massive amount of energy from the power plant, down to the dozens of AC to DC inverters that populate our lives, homes and businesses. The best investment in the aging electrical grid is zero. The time has come for the consumer to own, produce, store and use their energy. Time to take a new pathway to the future."

Media seeking interviews or tours of the Scottsdale Laboratory are asked to contact Michael Anthony Scerbo at or 602-615-6523.

Quantum Energy is the worldwide exclusive licensee of the Photon and Magnetic Propulsion Systems and its many applications in industrial, commercial and consumer products. For more information go to .

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