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Web3Go DIN: Creating AI-Native Digital Assets, Redefining Production Relations with Blockchain

Wednesday, July 05, 2023 09:30 AM | GlobeNewswire via QuoteMedia

Web3Go DIN: Creating AI-Native Digital Assets, Redefining Production Relations with Blockchain

Singapore City, Singapore, July 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blockchain start-up Web3Go, with its groundbreaking solutions, is creating a new form of data product based on AI and blockchain technology. The company aims to construct an intelligent network on the blockchain that will be powered by its in-house AI and big data infrastructure. This network will enable users to utilize both on-chain and off-chain data sets, knowledge databases, and AI to create a diverse range of AI-native digital assets, including transaction information streams, trading strategies, trading support robots, as well as entertainment, education, and social intelligent assistants. Additionally, the network will utilize the blockchain to verify the ownership of AI-native digital assets, and offer users a fair, self-custody, trustless ecosystem.

Web3Go is set to revolutionize the production relations paradigm by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to address the ownership verification challenges of AI-native digital assets, thereby enabling creators to assert their ownership rights. As part of its core mission to prioritize creators, Web3Go will establish a fair, transparent, and trustless creator economic system that provides robust economic support to creators. In addition, Web3Go's intelligence network will equip creators with a comprehensive suite of AI-native digital asset creation and management tools, tailored to meet the unique needs of analysts, traders, influencers, and writers. With access to a real-time data infrastructure, creators can explore a vast array of digital asset creation possibilities, including real-time on-chain trading data, off-chain social media data, and user-uploaded data. The diverse data provided by Web3Go's infrastructure offers creators endless opportunities to generate innovative digital assets through the AI-native digital asset creation platform.

Web3Go organizes its product matrix across three different dimensions: capabilities, models, and protocols:

  • Real-time data processing capabilities, providing a universal framework to address both on-chain and off-chain real-time data computation and information flow issues.
  • A generic multi-modal large model to address content generation issues, enabling everyone to become a creator effortlessly.
  • A digital asset circulation protocol to resolve the issues related to ownership verification and transaction of data sets and digital assets.

Web3Go's mission is to empower users to access data, conduct transactions, and create content by providing a range of innovative platform tools. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology to redefine the paradigm of production relations, the company aims to address the challenge of verifying ownership for AI-native digital assets. This will pave the way for creator ownership and build the foundational tools for the widespread application of AI and blockchain.

Recently, Web3Go successfully raised $4 million in seed round financing, with Binance Labs leading the investment and participation from Hashkey Capital, NGC, Shima Capital, IVC, LIF, Big Brain Holdings and Archerman Capital. In addition to this, Web3Go has been selected for various programs, including the BNB Chain MVB V, AWS Activate, Google Cloud Startup, and Web3 Foundation Grant program, all of which have provided funding. Moreover, in June, Web3Go was selected for the Cyberport Incubation Program, which is a significant achievement as it highlights the company's position as a key Web3.0 startup supported by the Hong Kong government.

Web3Go has already consolidated real-time full-chain data for the Polkadot and BNB Chain ecosystems and has been providing data and AI services to multiple public chains and leading blockchain projects. Its native asset creation platform DIN, is expected to release its Beta version by the end of July, targeting all end-users and content creators. By the end of Q3, the DIN platform will integrate real-time on-chain trading data, enabling users to create and use AI-assisted trading information streams, trading strategies, and trading robots while ensuring ownership verification of these digital assets as AI-native through the protocol, guaranteeing the creator's revenue.

As Web3Go continues to pioneer new territories at the intersection of AI and blockchain, it is poised to lead the new era of AI-native digital assets. By lowering the barriers to digital asset creation through the provision of data and AI toolsets, and by ensuring fair distribution of benefits through innovative approaches, the company has distinguished itself amidst the rapidly evolving tech landscape. With its recent successful financing and a clear vision for the future, Web3Go is a promising player in the high-tech startup space.

About Web3Go

Web3Go is a pioneering blockchain company that is innovating the AI and data sectors with its groundbreaking blockchain solutions. The company is building an intelligence network on the blockchain, integrating AI and data seamlessly, with the aim to provide users with a fair, self-custodial, trustless ecosystem. For more information, visit the website or follow Web3Go on Twitter .


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