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ScapesMania presales approaches $1 million, unstoppable momentum ahead

Saturday, December 02, 2023 01:51 AM | Invezz via QuoteMedia

ScapesMania presales approaches $1 million, unstoppable momentum ahead

2023-12-02 01:51:55 ET

In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market, uncertainty has become the constant companion of traders and investors alike. As the future for established coins and new projects looks unclear, it’s hard to find the next big thing to yield substantial returns.

Amidst this atmosphere of uncertainty, emerging projects with growth potential may offer crypto enthusiasts a fresh perspective and a chance to reap the early bird advantage.

Sounds intriguing? Check out one of such promising projects — ScapesMania . This new player has already raised over $970,000 from capital/retail only, with $15,000-$50,000 being raised daily. As ScapesMania approaches the $1M fundraising milestone, it seems poised to surpass it!

The project is making waves on high-traffic tier 1 crypto media and has gotten endorsements from recognized crypto influencers.

Let’s delve into the standout features of ScapesMania and what makes it a top pick for investment in 2023 and beyond.

Crypto gaming industry’s dilemmas

Today, the crypto gaming market is facing two key challenges. The first is the abundance of pyramid schemes, benefiting early at the expense of latecomers. The second is a massive gap between gaming projects and target audience: crypto enthusiasts are on a quest for profits while players seek nothing more than a top-notch gaming experience and don’t want to delve into crypto.

Failure to find solutions to these problems often leads to players and token holders leaving projects. ScapesMania is designed to address these challenges by entering the casual gaming market.

Unlike crypto gaming, the casual gaming market is currently on the rise, with a value of $376 billion and projected to reach $521.60 billion by 2027. ScapesMania harmonizes the interests of both audiences in a unique gaming ecosystem thriving within this growing market, empowering backers to reap the rewards of its performance. Keep reading to learn more!

ScapesMania’s innovative approach

With its visionary gaming-related core idea, ScapesMania is set to become a game-changer. It’s not just an asset but an entire ecosystem with a diverse range of revenue streams. This sustainable project thrives without the hype or tricky pyramid schemes.

By uniquely bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, ScapesMania perfectly aligns the interests of both casual players and crypto-savvy audiences. As a gamer, you won’t need to decode the mysteries of crypto to enjoy captivating gameplay. Conversely, backers don’t need to play to enjoy all the benefits this gaming ecosystem has to offer.

Through DAO governance, ScapesMania not only draws in the casual gaming crowd but also empowers Web3 enthusiasts to influence the development and reap the rewards of the project’s triumph. In this realm, everyone gets precisely what they desire.

Perks for token holders

Now, what’s in for the holders? ScapesMania has a lot to offer to keep backers engaged and motivated.

ScapesMania is all about the Web3 community having a voice. It empowers holders to influence the project’s course, through DAO governance. Imagine having a say in the direction of an ecosystem that operates within the $376 billion casual gaming industry.

Next, acquiring ScapesMania tokens brings a treasure trove of bonuses. You can unlock an up to 70% stage bonus, an up to 25% purchase bonus, and an up to 42% vesting bonus, totalling up to 137%. On top of that, you can earn referral rewards for introducing ScapesMania to your friends.

As the revenue streams hit stability, the developers have a plan. They’re ready to buy back and burn a portion of tokens, effectively reducing the supply and increasing the returns for the holders. It’s a win-win that keeps your funds appreciating.

Finally, locking in a specific amount of ScapesMania tokens entitles you to earn additional coins as a reward.

So, as a ScapesMania holder, you’re not just a spectator; you’re part of the action.

Verified safety

When it comes to embracing crypto projects, safety is a non-negotiable factor. Rest assured – ScapesMania has earned badges of honor that prove its reliability.

ScapesMania’s smart contract has already undergone rigorous scrutiny from top-tier security-ranking companies. These audits guarantee not only the project’s integrity but also the peace of mind of early adopters.

Behind ScapesMania stands an award-winning team that secured a prestigious grant from a giant in the blockchain industry. This endorsement from recognized leaders adds an extra layer of credibility and assurance.

ScapesMania’s creators maintain open and public social media accounts, connecting with a thriving community of 60K followers and counting. This dedication to transparency not only showcases their commitment but also paves the way for future growth.

Path to new heights

Why is ScapesMania destined for the moon? Let’s highlight the factors fueling its growth.

First, ScapesMania is a well-thought-out venture operating within the booming $376 billion gaming industry. As this market is only expected to grow, the sky’s the limit for ScapesMania’s potential.

Second, ScapesMania is on the fast track to enhanced visibility and liquidity. Already listed on major tracking platforms, it’s gearing up for a grand entrance on key exchanges, meaning you can expect more eyes on the project and easier access to trade.

Third, an array of income sources in play set ScapesMania apart from single-focus projects. This ecosystem caters to a diverse audience and relies on multiple revenue streams, making it resistant to market turbulence.

Fourth, ScapesMania tokens are a steal right now at just $0.003362 per coin during the presale. At each successive presale stage, the price will continue to increase. With the listing price of $0.01 per token, early backers may witness an impressive x4 return after listing.

The community’s enthusiasm is palpable so far, with $970,000 raised to date from crowd/retail only and the $1,000,000 milestone on the horizon.

Price prediction for ScapesMania

As mentioned above, ScapesMania tokens are a steal right now at just $0.003362 per coin during the presale. Post-listing, the price will reach $0.01, giving you a significant 400% return. For a little perspective, only a handful of projects in the past managed to gain such high value after being listed, which, once again, shows that the team has made good use of the presale so far.

Following the pivotal price point of $0.01, every credible prediction from both the crypto community and trading experts suggests that it is very likely that ScapesMania Tokens will hit $1.00 in the future. The road ahead is, at the moment, slightly uphill, but ScapesMania is only scratching the surface of its tremendous earnings potential within a multi-billion industry.

Why is ScapesMania a top pick for your investment?

In the current climate, not too many crypto traders can allow themselves to bet on an unfamiliar and unknown blockchain project. Luckily for all the doubters who otherwise could have missed out on the major bull run, ScapesMania’s growth indicators are obvious:

  • Potential Gains: With the post-listing price set at $0.01, early investors can earn an x5 return.
  • Liquidity: ScapesMania is set to hit major exchanges, boosting its visibility and liquidity.
  • Perks for Holders: Backers can participate in DAO governance, earn staking and vesting rewards, and benefit from token buyback and burn mechanisms.

With all of that in mind, there is little wonder that ScapesMania is set to soar in value after its presale.

Early bird advantage

In the current presale phase, you can grab ScapesMania tokens at a low price and enjoy a whopping 70% discount. With the coin’s value expected to soar upon listing, early presale adopters can potentially unlock impressive ROIs.

Along with a huge discount, you can score stage, purchase, and vesting bonuses – an exclusive offer that sweetens the deal. On top of that, early backers get access to features like token buyback & burn events, staking opportunities, and participation in the DAO, making your adventure all the more rewarding.

For more on ScapesMania, you can visit their official website , or follow them on Twitter or Telegram .

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