Healthcare Stocks Lead Highs Tuesday; Core PPI Rises 0.7% in May

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 3:07 PM | Neal Farmer

During trading Tuesday, 93 stocks traded to a 52-week high, while 2 stocks bottomed out at new 52-week lows. The S&P 500 is down 0.09% so far today while the Dow is down 0.27%, the Nasdaq is down 0.69%, and the Russell 2000 is down 0.2%.

Markets are inching lower Tuesday morning after new economic data showed that retail sales fell 1.3% in May. Analysts were expecting a smaller drop in sales of 0.6% after it rose 0.9% in April. When excluding automobiles sales fell just 0.7% after staying flat the previous month. Finally, core PPI rose 0.7% in May, estimates were for 0.5%.

Sector Highlights

Healthcare stocks dominated our list of highs today with 22 out of the 93 total stocks that reached their high coming from the Healthcare sector. The Healthcare sector is outperforming the market, decreasing 0.03% so far on the day. Over the last month the Healthcare sector has underperformed the market, decreasing 2.25% while the S&P increased 4.73%.

Healthcare stocks have the most highs Tuesday despite the sector underperforming markets recently and are flat for the day. Many biotech stocks continue to hit new highs as traders speculate on which ones may pop next.


Real Estate had the second largest presence on our 52-week highs, with 20 out of 93 highs coming from the Real Estate sector. The Real Estate sector is outperforming the market today, decreasing 0.73% so far on the day. Over the last month the Real Estate sector has outperformed the market, increasing 11.06% while the S&P increased 4.73%.

Real Estate continues to chug along as the sector is up over 11% the past month in a reopened economy. The sector has traded strongly after lagging originally coming out of the pandemic.


The Lists


The following stocks traded to 52-week lows: FFPRLBVRTX,

The following ETFs traded to a 52-week high: BNOIOONLROILPFFSPYUSOVGKVTI,

No ETFs traded to a 52-week low today.

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