Second Government Shutdown Looms Large


Major indices are mixed at mid-day Monday, with every sector hovering within half a point of break-even. Negotiations for a longer-term government funding agreement broke down on Sunday, with a proposed cap on the number of detentions allowed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers being a major point of contention. The government will shut down again, after only three weeks of being open, if a deal isn’t reached by Friday.

At present, the S&P 500 is up 0.04%, the DJIA is down 0.13%, and the NASDAQ is up 0.20%.

Industries doing well today include Road & Rail, Health Care Technology, and Leisure Products. Industries showing weakness include Tobacco, Multiline Retail, and Metals & Mining. The VIX is up 0.57 to 16.29 after the previous close of 15.72. The most heavily traded options this morning are for the S&P 500 SPDR (SPY), with 5,400 Feb 11 272 calls on the board. The total put/call ratio as of 10:30 AM was 0.84 (413,348/494,726). The advancers/decliners ratio for NYSE stocks is 1,591/1,207 while the advancers/decliners ratio for NASDAQ stocks is 1,724/1,196.

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