Five stocks investors are searching for

This week marks the last full trading week of 2018. As hard as that may be to believe, it is easy to believe that the stock market hasn’t been doing so hot for the past couple of months. In fact, it is easier to believe that a jolly man with a white beard in a red suit will come down my chimney next week (I do not have a chimney) than it is to believe that many of the high-profile stocks investors deemed safe earlier this year, will be considered safe again anytime soon.

This week, we will be looking at the Stock Score Report’s top five most-searched stocks. The Stock Score Report is a great way to check out that hot stock your cousin Eddie tells you about over Christmas dinner, or a stock that recently made news headlines by soaring as high as reindeer fly. Maybe you just want to check out that secret stock you keep up your sleeve or check the vitals on a stock you already own.

The combination of technical and fundamental analysis is a great way to see a stock’s potential, to make sure you’re not left with a stocking full of coal instead of an account full of cash. With average analyst recommendations, stock data, and recent news all located in one place, it can really help determine if you should pull the trigger on that new hot stock, hold a stock through volatility, or get rid of it immediately.

So, let’s look at the five stocks that investors have been looking up the most.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) is a Canadian licensed producer and distributer of medical marijuana. With a growing trend towards the legalization of marijuana and the Senate passing a farm bill that includes industrial hemp, it is no surprise that investors are chomping at the bit to get in on the ground floor of these new companies with huge potential, making cannabis stocks some of the “highest” searched for stocks since bitcoin. ACB hit the New York Stock Exchange on October 23, 2018. It was not a true IPO, as it already traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

ACB is currently trading at $5.42 with a 52-week low of 4.05 and a 52-week high of $12.52. The stock has an overall score of 53 and a short-term technical score of 75. The long-term score of 30 and lack of fundamental data weigh down the overall score.

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QuinStreet (QNST)

QuinStreet (QNST), an internet performance marketing company, provides customer acquisition services to clients in the form of qualified leads and inquiries, display advertisements, and a whole host of additional online marketing tactics. QuinStreet has been near the top of the Stock Score Report list for several weeks now and continues to score well with a near perfect overall rating of 97. QNST scores a perfect 100 in short-term technical and a long-term technical score of 98. The fundamental score of 94 makes the Analyst Average Recommendation a ‘Strong Buy”, with a median target price of $18.55.

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New Age Beverages (NBEV)

The New Age Beverages Corporation (NBEV) develops, produces, and distributes a number of healthy drink alternatives such as specialized coffees, teas, waters, and energy drinks. The company has recently made news headlines with its acquisition of Morinda Holdings; a move that sent their shares considerably higher as it will help with global distribution and direct-to-consumer sales. The company is also seeking to launch CBD-infused health beverages, making them one of the first key players in a new and growing market. CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis or marijuana plants, and can possibly be used to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and cancer symptoms. CBD is different from THC, which is the compound responsible for making people high.

NBEV scores near perfect in short- and long-term technicals, with scores of 99. The overall score of 71 is pulled down by the fundamental score of 16. The median analysts target price is $7.00, but the spread is relatively wide with a low of $4.00 and a high of $11.00, leaving NBEV ranked as a “Moderate Buy”. The stock is currently trading at $6.30 and has been in an uptrend since the middle of November.

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Ford Motor Company (F)

Ford Motor (F) Company likely made the top five ost searched list for several reasons. One being the company announcing a revamp of its product lines by 2020. This revamp mainly focuses on next-generation hybrid vehicles that better suit customers’ needs. GM has also added to interest in Ford after General Motors said it will be closing several factories. The biggest reason Ford could be making the list is that China recently announced that they will be cutting tariffs on American made cars imported into the country.

Ford is currently trading at $8.57 and has a median target price of $10.86. The stock has seen a 52-week high of $13.48 but has been in a steady decline with the market on trade war related fears. Ford gets an overall score of 47, with a short-term technical score of 47. The long-term technical score is 29, but Ford gets a fundamental score of 66 and is still rated as a ‘Moderate Buy’ with current analysts’ expectations.

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Ra Pharmaceuticals (RARX)

Ra Pharmaceuticals (RARX) has an overall score of 91, with the Analyst Average Recommendation of “Strong Buy”. It scores a 99 in both short- and long-term technicals, with a median target price of $30.75.

The company recently made headlines with positive results in a Phase 2 study using Zilucoplan, a drug used to treat patients with Myastenia Gravis. Myastenia Gravis is a neuromuscular disease leading to muscle weakness that largely affects the eyes, face, and muscles used for swallowing, resulting in drooping of eyelids, trouble talking, and vision related issues. The stock has made substantial gains and has been in an uptrend since early November.

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