5 stocks to buy for remarkable earnings growth in 2017

2017 Growth

Earnings growth enthralls almost everyone, right from the top brass to research analysts. But the question here is why? This is simply because earnings are a measure of the money a company is making. Take a company’s revenues over a given period of time, subtract the cost of production and you will have its earnings!

Investors should always look out for stocks that are ready to make a big move. Earnings acceleration, however, works even better when it comes to lifting the stock price. Studies have shown that a majority of successful stocks had seen acceleration in earnings before an uptick in the stock price.

Future Outperformers

Earnings acceleration helps spot stocks that haven’t caught the attention of investors yet, which once secured will invariably lead to a rally in the share price. This is because earnings acceleration considers both direction and magnitude of growth rates. However, if you pick stocks just on the basis of earnings growth then you are paying for something that has already been reflected in the stock price.

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