4 Robotics Companies to Change the World

In today’s world, the competency of robots is no longer limited to the factory assembly lines. Modern robots are widely used in fields such as healthcare, transport & logistics, defense, homecare and emergency response. As per the 2015 World Robot Statistics report issued by the IFR International Federation of Robotics, global sales of industrial robots would grow at least 15% year over year by 2018; while demand for private-service robots is expected to reach almost 35 million units in the same time frame.

Robots come with a variety of intrinsic advantages, and hence their swiftly growing demand. These modern gadgets help augment efficiency as well as lower expenses of industrial manufacturing processes. At the same time, these assist in making human life easier and more comfortable in almost every aspect.

The global robotics industry is experiencing rapid growth in the recent times, led by increasing demand for both service and industrial robots. Below we have provided minute insights about 4 renowned robotics companies that are driving growth in the contemporary robotics market.

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