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Introducing The Hybrid System

Full Swing Stocks introduces the Hybrid System: joining the objectivity of powerful technology and the subjectivity of seasoned analysts to identify profitable stock trading ideas. You don't need to rely on a "Guru" or machine to guide your investment decisions. You can have both!

The Origin of The Hybrid System

For more than 15 years InvestorsObserver has been known as "the options company." After years fine-tuning algorithms to identify optimum options trades from the hundreds of thousands to choose from every day, we noticed that each improvement was also beginning to uncover opportunities to find good momentum trades, also known as "swing trades".

With continued refinements, we began identifying good "candidate" stocks for trades. Then we applied a disciplined approach to select only the best candidate stocks to make trades on. It wasn't long before we discovered the right combination of technology and analyst oversight - hence, the Hybrid System.

This powerful Hybrid System is now available in Full Swing Stocks.

 What Is Swing Trading?

Swing trading involves holding a stock for a few days to a few weeks. A 6-to-12 day holding period is quite typical for Full Swing Stocks. Our philosophy is to take what the market gives so we don’t use simple rules about the duration of individual trades. Each trade is managed independently as the underlying technical data vary from company to company and sector to sector. 

Full Swing Stocks: Performance

From January 26 to May 31, 2017 the Full Swing Stocks portfolio has a simple return of 21.8%. With gains reinvested, the return is 40.9%.

Inclusive of trades that closed at a loss, $10,000 invested equally in the trades over four months would now be $12,176. ($14,091 with gains reinvested.)

The Hybrid System does not pick winning trades 100% of the time but it keeps losses on individual trades to a minimum while winners are managed to maximize profits.

To see the entire trade history of the Full Swing portfolio, feel free to visit the House Closed Trade page.

Full Swing Stocks: How it Works

Notifications For Every Step

Full Swing Stocks members receive a New Trade Alert when a new trade is opened. A SmartStop is issued with each New Trade Alert. A Raise SmartStop alert is sent when SmartStops are raised. An Exit Trade Alert is sent when positions are closed. Each trade also comes with Analyst Commentary explaining the rationale behind the trade. 


At the time Full Swing Stocks opens a new position, it also provides a SmartStop. On subsequent days, the SmartStop is raised to further decrease the risk on that trade. When the trade begins to perform, SmartStop advances the stop to protect profits. 

SmartStop allows you to consistently book profits that exceed those of competitive services. Once your trade is profitable, we see no reason to let the market take those profits away. SmartStop Alerts keep rising until our Hybrid System indicates it's time to take the profits and sell the stock.  

Open Positions

Our aim to have 6-8 trades in House Open Trades. Because Full Swing Stocks is continually locking in profits on positions held for short periods of time, we will at times have fewer trades than others. When this happens you can be sure that our Hybrid System is on the hunt for new trades.


At-A-Glance Performance Insights

As you select trades from House Open Trades, they'll be added to My Open Trades. Each time you login to your personalized homepage, you’ll see a complete P&L on each trade and a Portfolio Summary of your open trades. Your sector diversification will be displayed in a pie chart.

Good Stocks

The Hybrid System only considers stocks that: 1) Trade on the major exchanges 2) Have a price over $12 and 3) Have average volume of at least 500,000 trades a day

Market Adaptive Strategies

Full Swing Stocks is flexible. Every kind of market presents opportunities and the Hybrid System is designed to find them. Most Full Swing trades are long but from time-to-time going "short" presents great opportunities. The Full Swing Stocks philosophy is to take what the market is giving.


Why We Don’t Use Zones or Targets

Most services limit your gains by setting a zone or "target". Full Swing Stocks does not limit gains by setting a target exit price based on a specific percent. It uses a combination of sound trading tactics and sophisticated profit-taking algorithms to establish the optimum exit for each trade. Also, by managing the SmartStop we never give back profit once earned.  



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