Profit Report Card

October could have been a disaster.
Instead, it was a money maker.

So far, in 2013, you have
brought in an additional $123,000 and you didn’t have to get a second job!

If you traded your InvestorsKeyhole Daily Trades you made even more.

Fellow Investor –

If you are not a member of InvestorsObserver Elite, you should know that since the start of 2013 InvestorsObserver has generated profits for our members of more than $123,000 across our five portfolios. We have also had incredible success with our InvestorsKeyhole trades (four new IK trades posted every day), where we proudly report that we have a 91% win rate at October expiration!

Below, you will find a full report on how the portfolio trades performed during the September expiration cycle. I have also included some sample InvestorsKeyhole trades that are worth noting.

We had another great month!

InvestorKeyhole Daily Trades Profit Report

Year to Date 2013

90.2% success rate -
675 out of 748 trades were profitable.

Last Month

90.1% success rate -
64 out of 71 trades were profitable.

This Month

91.1% success rate -
82 out of 90 trades were profitable.


What our members are saying...

“Very useful website. Sound advice. One of the pillars of my research.”

“Actually started my options learning with InvestorsObserver. Tried some other techniques, and came back for steadier approach.”

“It’s helped me to decide which options contract to choose a couple of times when the trade went against me.”

“I have made $2,500 in less than 3 weeks following your covered call ideas, fantastic!”

Samples from Last Month - Investor Keyhole Trades

Upgrades and Downgrades
A bullish trade on Charles Schwab (SCHW) based on an analyst upgrade that earned 11.1% in 88 days while the stock only rose 2.9% in that period

Insider Activity
A bullish trade on Philip Morris (PM) based on insider buying that earned 10.7% in 58 days while the stock only rose 2.7% in that time

Morning News Leaders
A bullish trade on Citigroup (C) based on positive news that earned 7.1% in 67 days even thought the stock dropped 1.1% in that period

Unusual Options Volume
A bearish trade on T-mobile USA (TMUS) based on unusual options activity that earned 8.3% in 44 days even though the stock rose 4.5% in that period


Model Portfolios Profit Report

Year to Date 2013

$123,374 total profit

Last Month

$15,692 total profit

This Month

$9,094 total profit


3-Way Manage Risk Portfolio
$1,900 profit in the 3-Way Managed Risk Portfolio.

MarketSmart Perfect Trade Portfolio
$1,020 combined profit on four trades in the MarketSmart Perfect Trade Portfolio.

Conservative Covered Call Plus Portfolio
$3,859 in profits on four covered calls and two diagonal spreads in the Conservative Covered Call Plus Portfolio.

ETF Conservative Covered Call Plus Portfolio
$1,245 in profit on two trades that closed in our ETF Conservative Covered Call Plus Portfolio.

Dividends Plus Portfolio
$1,070 profit from two trades in the Dividends Plus Portfolio.

*Annualized returns for comparison purposes only
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