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InvestorsKeyhole Daily Trade Alerts (IK Trades) deliver options trading ideas four times throughout each trading day. Our analysts are watching the markets closely all day, every day; these trades are based on what’s actually happening in the market that day and not a personal agenda or point of view. We use a disciplined system that will typically give you a bull-put credit spread or a bear-call credit spread trade ideas.

Our regimented approach hunts for credit spreads that will produce a 4% assigned return and a 10% annualized return. Our win rate over 12 years is nearly 90% but these trades are always hedged, offering downside protection for those rare times we miss.

Morning News Leader

By 10 AM our team of analysts are well into their day and have identified stocks making early moves. They are busy sending you trade ideas that have solid opportunity for profit and structuring them with minimal downside.

Get the latest, real time market news in the Morning News Leader trade alert!

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Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades

Around 11:30 AM our team will be sending you the Analyst Upgrade and Downgrade trade alert.

Each morning hundreds of analysts at Wall Street firms issue new or updated opinions about individual stocks that our team of analysts comb through to construct an options trade based on what those analysts are saying about the markets that day. Like all of our IK Trades, we build our options strategies so that our position can still be profitable even if the stocks don’t perform as expected.

Get professional interpretation on what Wall Street analysts are saying everyday!

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Insider Activity

On most days by 1:30 PM our team of analysts issue the Insider Activity trade alert.

Insider trading often suggests nefarious activity but on a daily basis executives and board members at many companies legally buy and sell their company’s stock . If company insiders are buying shares, it means something; if they’re selling, it also means something about the stock’s outlook. Our analysts are keen to these signals from insiders when picking our credit spreads, all the while careful to include some downside protection just in case things don’t go exactly as planned.

Get the inside scoop on Insiders activity!

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Unusual Options Activity

Toward the end of each trading day – about 3:30 PM our analysts issue the Unusual Options Activity trade alert.

Options traders are among the most astute people in the markets, so when there is a spike in options activity for a specific stock, it can signal what this elite group of investors are thinking and offer great information. Our analysts are constantly on the lookout for stocks with high or “unusual” options activity and provide a credit spread trade idea that bets on the stock moving in the same direction as the big-time options traders.

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