Investors Keyhole

Daily options trades made super easy. Hedged strategies that deliver profitable trades
even if the underlying stock doesn’t behave perfectly. Great daily action for income generation and active traders.

Introducing the Investors Keyhole

Our InvestorsKeyhole service provides more advanced and timely options trading ideas during each trading day to Elite Members based upon market news and our observations. In a typical day, there will be four trade ideas that are usually bull-put credit spread trades and occasionally bear-call credit spread trades.

For these trades, our analysts look for credit spreads that will make at least a 4% assigned return and a 10% annualized return (for comparison purposes only). These trades are always hedged so that they can be profitable even if we don’t pick the stock’s outlook perfectly and aim for minimum profits of $200 if 10 contracts are executed.

To start using the Investors Keyhole, sign up for InvestorsObserver Elite Options membership today.

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